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Christmas 2016 fair by ZiSeYueLiang Christmas 2016 fair :iconziseyueliang:ZiSeYueLiang 7 0 Christmas 2016 by ZiSeYueLiang Christmas 2016 :iconziseyueliang:ZiSeYueLiang 4 0 Inuyasha Human form amber by ZiSeYueLiang Inuyasha Human form amber :iconziseyueliang:ZiSeYueLiang 12 0 Inuyasha Hanyou 2016 crop ver by ZiSeYueLiang Inuyasha Hanyou 2016 crop ver :iconziseyueliang:ZiSeYueLiang 4 0 Inuyasha Hanyou 2016 by ZiSeYueLiang Inuyasha Hanyou 2016 :iconziseyueliang:ZiSeYueLiang 6 2 Christmas 2015 by ZiSeYueLiang Christmas 2015 :iconziseyueliang:ZiSeYueLiang 6 3 Negai No Hikari by ZiSeYueLiang Negai No Hikari :iconziseyueliang:ZiSeYueLiang 5 0 Gu Dian Mei by ZiSeYueLiang Gu Dian Mei :iconziseyueliang:ZiSeYueLiang 9 3 inuyasha 2015 by ZiSeYueLiang inuyasha 2015 :iconziseyueliang:ZiSeYueLiang 13 3 Hong Yan by ZiSeYueLiang Hong Yan :iconziseyueliang:ZiSeYueLiang 25 2 chirstmas 2014 by ZiSeYueLiang chirstmas 2014 :iconziseyueliang:ZiSeYueLiang 7 0 20141210 by ZiSeYueLiang 20141210 :iconziseyueliang:ZiSeYueLiang 6 0 20140903 by ZiSeYueLiang 20140903 :iconziseyueliang:ZiSeYueLiang 7 0 Christmas 2013 by ZiSeYueLiang Christmas 2013 :iconziseyueliang:ZiSeYueLiang 8 0 Eva 2013 by ZiSeYueLiang Eva 2013 :iconziseyueliang:ZiSeYueLiang 13 0 04092013 by ZiSeYueLiang 04092013 :iconziseyueliang:ZiSeYueLiang 8 2

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Hello everyone. :wave:  

Wishing everyone  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  :rose: :party: :boogie: :santa: :rudolph:

:heart:  I wishes everyone filled with the joy, love and happiness throughout the coming new year. :heart:


Pardon me for my absent in DA for such a long time. Computer have been down for quite sometime.. :slamhead:  :slamhead: using my bro's laptop. (Till now ,it's still not been fixed yet not sure what problem.... still need sometime though.  I'm still waiting for my bro's friend to fix it when he is not busy...  :please: thanks for taking your time coming back and forth helping us fixing the com.) 

Most of the time if I did not post anything here in DA for certain time probably because computer went crazy, personal stuff came up and artblock. :slamhead: :slamhead: :slamhead:



:bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple:

Just something on my mind I feel like writing down. You can skip reading if you don't want to, it nothing interesting lol.  ^-^


Since 2011's back surgery, there are some things I no longer can do like I used to. Can't sit for too long is one of it.. it'll cause pain to my lower back and nerve pain will spread from lower back to right leg. So after drawing/painting 1-2 hour it's the limit..( I tried many times sitting longer than I should.. nope no good.)  I need to rest or stand up move around, otherwise the back and right leg will be in pain for a very long time, I mean weeks to many months..

These several year, I took longer time completing a drawing. Still, I every time I start drawing,.. I'll will end up sticking onto the chair not wanting to get up, want to spend more time drawing. :no: :no: bad habit..

Somehow even my mind set seems to have some changes after surgery. Perhaps also the cause of artblock.

 I used to thought drawing was important to me. I like to draw a lot, it makes me happy. But after surgery, reality hits me hard especially when it comes to health. Only then I realise drawing is no longer important if I don't have a good health. Before surgery, I was able to come up with simple ideas and draw easily but now nothing comes in my mind no matter what. I was not able to come up with and ideas for drawing. Mind total blank.

A lots of time, I felt frustrated. :frustrated:  I feel bit sad and bad not able to post more nice drawings on DA. :tears:   

If anyone have notice my DA gallery, I post lots of the drawings before 2011 and it gets less and less after 2012 hardly posts much these several years.  

Imagination is definitely not my forte, the thoughts of not relying on references while drawing is a no no. Stubbornness got me nowhere. I always give myself too much pressure, always wanted to drawing better, even when I draw well, I find it’s not good enough.

But now I think I need to stop and relax :meditation: , stop pressuring and give time to myself whenever it comes to drawing.

Learn to enjoy the process instead of the outcome. :nod:  :stereo:

Instead of pressuring to do better. It'll only backfire.

I want to be happy again whenever I draw~! :nod: :happybounce:


I'll keep posting drawings in DA whenever I can, but might take a longer time to complete though.  =D :giggle:

Christmas 2016 fair

Please don't mind the simple title. I'm not good at it..

This colour version choice is suggested by my brother.

He wants me to try adjusting the roses and holly berries to light pink. Initially, it didn't came out well, perhaps due to original skintone making it look dark and weird..  Thought of giving up adjusting this drawing, because it loses all the lightness and darkness of the roses and berries looking flat like this..  I don't want to add more changes to the images, so just go ahead and mess it up. Then here you go. At first I don't like this version.. I'm hardly used to pale or light colours in my drawings. But now I like it.

3 other different background colours I made over at my artblog >> ziseyueliang-sketches.blogspot…


Which colour version do ya all like?

The red one?…

Or this piece.

Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to minna~!!! :party: :dance: :heart: :glomp:

I thought I wasn't able to finish this drawing in time for christmas.  :eager:  Lucky it was complete in time. (computer was down for quite sometime.. so drawing was delay..  using my brother's laptop first..)

Have hard time choosing the colour concept for this drawing. :ohnoes:  :frustrated: 

I didn't realise colour problem while sketching, I decide to go with red for the roses but forgotten so were the holly berries... it's gonna be red too. It's too near to each other, overwhelming patch of red all around her head.. Probably not able to draw attention to the character. Tried adding  leaves to break down the overwhelm red on her head.

Thought of posting the green background version.. but it doesn't feel right in someway. Don't know how to describe..

 Yep... This is the original colour I end up going with.   Perhaps too much red again... What am I thing... :slamhead: :giggle: But I really love the colour. =D

Of course, there are 4 other different background colours I made.  (messing around with filters. I just have to XD )

3 over at my artblog here.  ziseyueliang-sketches.blogspot…

And another version here in DA. >>…


Lots of photos references from pinterest and花瓣网



:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

I guess it kind of like a habit, wanted to post a Christmas drawing on DA every year. (also because I hardly post much these several years..  I always felt bad not able to post more nice drawing and got  less active in DA these several years.) (major art block is one problem too.)

That's why it every year, during this day it's important for me... This is a sincere thank you gift for my dear friends and everyone here who still likes or comment on my drawings. 

Thank you so much. :thanks: :bow: :heart:

Inuyasha Human form amber

This is one of the image I love that's why I post it here. I know his eyes should be black instead of amber color.

(just read wikia and realise its brown color.. all this time, I thought it was black!! Always never notice small details... ..  I fail as a Inuyasha fan.. :ashamed: :slamhead: :stupidme: :slamhead:  But I'll just leave as black color in my artblog. )

 (And now I remember, even Kagome's eyes.. in one of my old fanarts  ziseyueliang-sketches.blogspot… if you notice, her eyes were blue.. I failed to notice it too until someone told me wrote a comment on gaiaonline. I did not pay attention to her eyes too. Should have check info first..  :stupidme: :stupidme: :stupidme:)


Inuyasha hanyou 2016  crop version here >>…

Uncropped one here >>…

Inuyasha human form in my artblog  >> ziseyueliang-sketches.blogspot…

Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi. Fanart by me.

Inuyasha Hanyou 2016 crop ver

This is the crop version of Inuyasha.

Hope you all like it.


The uncropped image here >>…


Inuyasha human with amber eyes over here >>…


Inuyasha human form in my artblog  >> ziseyueliang-sketches.blogspot…


Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi. Fanart by me.

Inuyasha Hanyou 2016

Inuyasha is transforming... to human or hanyou? hmmm...

Finally can post drawing~! :dance: :boogie:

It's been awhile since i drew fanart. Yes. Inuyasha always came into my mind first. :giggle:

I thought of posting his hanyou form instead of his human form here.

The human form version and the others in my artblog >> ziseyueliang-sketches.blogspot…


Actually thought of posting the cropped one instead of this uncropped one on DA but never mind.

 I wonder which do you all like?

Inuyasha Hanyou 2016 crop ver  >>…

Inuyasha Human form amber  >>…


Background plant from this website:


Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi. Fanart by me.



Serene Wong
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